A stunned Brit who went fishing with a tiny rod hauled in this 102LB whopper - which is bigger than HIM.

Jack Giffiths, 20, was using a 'waggler' rod to try and catch small carp - but ended up in an HOUR long tussle with the enormous catfish.

His rod and line were designed to catch 15lb fish and Jack used "every muscle" in his body to catch the monster.

The huge fish measures just over 6ft - as tall as Jack, from Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

He caught the enormous 102lb fish while fishing at Rock Lakes in central France, on Wednesday (April 17).

His 20lb line "bent over completely" as Jack battled to get the fish onto dry land in 26 degree heat.

Jack, a keen fisherman since the age of three, weighs 147lbs (10.5st) meaning the huge fish weighs two thirds as much as him.

Jack, who works in the fishing industry, said: "To say the rod I wasn’t suited for this fish is an understatement.

"This fish battered and bruised me; I experienced aches and pains in places I’ve never felt before, but I sure wasn’t going to give in.

"The rod certainly stepped up to the job."

Jack caught the fish at around 3.20pm and says he's never caught a fish even almost as big as this.

He says he was fishing for small carp when he hooked the catfish using three live worms as bait.

He said: "The float just shot under and it took 100 yards of line off my reel. It was incredible. It took every part of my body to land it.

"I knew it was a big fish but I didn't know how big until I saw it. I was astonished. We needed bigger scales to weigh it on. It's the biggest fish I've ever caught."

Jack had to literally haul the fish on to dry land as the net he had was too small to be of any use.

Before landing this monster, the biggest fish he had caught was a 33lb carp.

Jack says the catfish was safely released back into the lake - but only after he posed up for photos with his trophy fish.