A DAD had to stop his daughter from going to her school non-uniform day after noticing 'a swear word was written on her leggings.

Kevin Atherton, from Blackpool, says his 10-year-old daughter Caitlin was on her way out of the front door when he noticed the swear word stitched into her leggings.

The leggings had been bought by her grandma, as a Christmas present from Tesco.

But Caitlin had planned to wear the leggings - costing under £10 - for the first time for her school's non-uniform day on April 9.

However, as Caitlin was about to step out of the door he noticed the "funny" stitching blunder.

The high waisted leggings feature the phrase 'shine bright' on the waistband.

But where the leggings have been sewn together, the words are merged to form the swear word.

Kevin, 37, an engineer, said: "They have sat in the wardrobe since Christmas. We hadn't noticed it at all until she was about to step out of the door.

"I thought it was funny and Caitlin saw the bright side of it.

"She won't be wearing them again but it was worth it for a giggle."