PETS living the good life and being the treated as the centre of attention is definitely the main theme this week and that includes one little seven-month-old pup.

Duke is just one of those pets, a French bulldog who is made to feel like royality by owner Ross White.

Ross says Duke is very playful and funny but also clumsy - well he is still a baby.

They live in Barrow and he always wants to be fussed over by his mam and Ross.

Absolutely nothing is safe around Duke and he will eat anything he can get his chops on.

He came to Ross after when they first saw him when he was only two weeks old and looked just like a seal pup because he couldn't walk yet and was covered in his grey fur.

He was actually massive for his age and so curious.

The wonderfully named Norman is a 16-month-old beagle owned by Thomas Milson and also living in Barrow.

He is described by Thomas as fun loving but also a very cheeky beagle.

One of his favourite things to do is play with his small humans so he is very much a family dog.

He also has a knack of finding and seeking any food left out and has even figured how to get in the bins.

Thomas says they chose Norman because of his marking and when they met him he came over to cuddle and still does every morning.

Willow the whippet calls Millom home and is owned by Megan Farron.

Megan says she is named after her mother and is a kind natured and friendly dog. She just celebrated her second birthday and loves going for long walks on the shore, the fields and the hills. Willow also loves her toys and treats too.