MY NINE-year-old daughter and her best friend couldn't have been more excited to see the Little Mix Show at the Coro than if we had tickets for the real thing, writes Rachel Garnett.

The Ulverston audience was pretty much a sea of mums and primary school-aged girls like us, with the occasional dad.

The tots and tweens were dressed in their best party clothes, decked out with face glitter, flashing neon bunny ears and light-up bow headbands, and tucking into packets of Haribo sweets and Cadbury's chocolate buttons.

Bursting onto the stage to sirens and searchlights, the four Little Mix girls appeared in a glitzy mix of shiny gold boots, leotards, cycling shorts and black tassels.

Chart-topping single Wings opened the show, with the foursome tribute act encouraging the Ulverston crowd to "sing, dance and make as much noise as you like because you're not in the classroom now".

Even though there were quite a few empty seats in the Coronation Hall, the tribute act worked hard to put on an energetic and enthusiastic show, with live vocals and pop video-style choreography.

The playlist of hits included Word Up, Love Me Like You, DNA, Oops, Salute, Shout Out to My Ex and Black Magic, as well as popular covers like Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance with Somebody, Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, and Rihanna's Don't Stop the Music.

The foursome got the young audience involved right from the start, encouraging them to gather at the front of the Coro stage for singing and dancing competitions, high-fives, selfies, and a step-by-step dance routine.

Sometimes I did wonder if maybe the speakers could have been turned down a notch, especially when my little girl cuddled up to me with her jacket wrapped around her ears saying "Mum, it's a bit loud", bless her.

She loved it though, and now she can't wait for her next pop concert.