A BARROW girl has been invited to the launch of a national initiative to help eradicate child hunger with a star-studded guest expected to headline.

Asha Eva-Dodsworth, 12, from Walney School, has been asked to attend the launch of the ‘Children’s Future Food Inquiry’ on April 25 at Westminster with Dame Emma Thompson planned to headline as the official ambassador.

The inquiry focuses on the food situation of children living in poverty across the UK.

It draws on a wide variety of evidence but places a central focus on listening directly to school-aged children about their experiences.

The report includes from evidence across all four nations of the UK and contains several recommendations which will be announced at the event.

Walney School’s very own Asha has been invited to attend and the whole school is very proud.

Pamela Magee, head of year seven and charities coordinator, said: “Last year the Student Council worked with Brathay and Fixers UK to discuss Food Poverty and Inequality, giving their views and opinions of how this affects children in our local area.

“It was a really insightful and productive meeting, which then led to Asha Eva-Dodsworth being invited to become a Youth Food Ambassador.

“As part of her role, Asha has now been invited to attend the launch event of the ‘Children’s Future Food Enquiry’ in London, which Dame Emma Thompson is to headline.

“I’m sure you agree that this is a fantastic opportunity and an excellent piece of work to be a part of.

“She’s very excited and rightly so.”

Asha said: “I’m very excited about going.

"Since being made a Youth Food Ambassador I have learnt a lot about child hunger and food poverty.

“I am concerned that Barrow’s Foodbank is one of the most used in the area and how many children aren’t getting enough of the right type of foods.

“Children simply aren’t getting the right nutrients and more needs to be done to ensure that children have better nutrition.

“Since being in the role I have learnt about how everyone is not privileged and I have been made more aware of some of the problems that people are facing.

“Both my nanna and mum are really proud of me for going and I am really excited to see Emma Thompson and to learn more about what can be done to reduce child hunger throughout the UK.”