THE creative juices flowed freely as children gathered for a special Lego club at the library.

Barrow Library hosted the children, who came to the space during their Easter break for the holiday club.

Mini engineers and architects created different scenes and constructions, using thousands of bricks donated to the library.

Around 15 children went along to the event, a full house for the event, which is said to always be well-attended.

The Lego clubbers picked from a almost boundless selection of Lego, but everyone thought outside the box and flexed their creative muscles.

Overseeing the event was library assistant Chris Pease, who said the Lego club was always a popular half-term activity.

He said: "The children always love coming along and they really take to the events when we put them on.

"They look like they really have fun and some of the things they make are amazing."

He said one child at a recent session had wowed him with a Lego representation of a church.

"We get all sorts of great things being made in these sessions, it's brilliant to see.

It was second Lego session of the Easter break and the club is routinely held during school breaks.

Chris said one of the best parts of the club was that it encourages children to visit the library.

"One of the other things that's great is that I gets the children into the library.

"They can come and see everything we offer here.

"It's a great community space for everyone to use.

"It's good to get them in."

Some of the imaginative creations made by the Lego lovers included an underground base and a bedroom.

A car and boat were also among the creative contraptions.

One mum said her son had an extensive Lego collection at home but always come to the library events to play with other children.

Imaginations ran wild as the children enjoyed playing together and wore smiles for the whole time.

The library has a number of events and clubs for children during holidays, including games and crafts.

To contact Barrow Library call 01229 407373.