INVESTORS are likely to be tempted by a two-bed terraced house in Barrow which has been reduced by 30 per cent to £35,000.

The mid-terrace, in Rawlinson Street, has a large cellar and back yard.

For sale with Farrell Heyworth, the house is marketed at investors, and while the property is in need of some general updating around £10,000 could be enough to turn it into a decent investment.

For an estimated £165 a month mortgage cost the house could return a rental yield of £400 a month.

Roisin Doran So, by the time you've paid the mortgage, the loan for the repairs, the landlords insurance, gas inspection certs, electrical tests and everything else you should make about a tenner a month.

Ramon Rodgers Its such a shame that this news article perfectly reflects todays climate of greed. Neoliberalism has meant that homes for need have been replaced by houses for greed. The rise and fall of social renting-largely council housing-was dramatic. Research shows that In 1918 just one percent of households rented social housing. Public housing was introduced after the First World War to counter the chaos caused by the market. It grew massively after the Second World War, peaking at 31 percent of households in 1981 and, was never intended just as a safety net for the very poor. The vast majority of people would be better off if we returned to mass council house building. It exercised control over the worst of private renting while promoting tenants’ rights and rent controls. And its worth remembering that the current trend away from house buying is not a sign of a return to a fairer system of council housing but to the unregulated private rental market.

Peter Garbacz If, as suggested, it has really bad damp and mold problems then getting a mortgage could be an issue which is potentially why they have dropped the price so dramatically.

In theory you'd need to be a cash buyer or prepare for your mortgage company insisting on a hefty deposit up front.

Sabrina Sanders Peter Garbacz it really does, even when I walked through the door I was told by the shower for the company that they were unsure why they were even showing it for rent as there was no way someone could live there without problems. It’s 201 Rawlinson St if I remember correctly.

Mary Thomason Feel sorry for young ones starting out. Rents are too high for often second class houses and trying to save for a mortgage almost impossible.