A seven-year-old boy has raised hundreds of pounds for charity in his bid to ‘help poorly kids who need his hair more than him.’

Frankie Steel, from Ulverston, opted to grow his traditionally cropped hair for children’s cancer charity, The Little Princess Trust, despite negative remarks from classmates.

He felt inspired to take the charity chop after watching the Netflix show, Alexa and Katie, which portrays the impact of cancer among two best friends.

After watching this, Frankie’s mum Stacey Steel said Frankie felt ‘inspired to get involved.’

She said: “When he saw this programme, he instantly wanted to do something to help.

“He’s such a kind and caring person.”

The decision to grow his hair, however, was met with some criticism among school friends.

Ms Steel said: “He did face a bit of teasing at school.

“Some kids called him a girl and made fun of him, which made him think about cutting it.

“However, once he explained to the teachers and school why he was doing this, everyone became supportive and got behind him.”

Frankie received widespread support from across the community, prompting his mum to increase their £400 fundraising target.

She said: “The goal now is to hopefully reach £1,000, which will fund two wigs for charity.”

If you would like to donate, visit ‘Frankies fundraiser for The Little Princess Trust’ Facebook page.