FURNESS Prostate Cancer Support Group are campaigning for a once-a-month meet and greet for Millom.

This news comes after the group attended the Be-Well Fest in the Millom Network Centre on Saturday 6th April - organised by the Rotary Club of Furness Peninsula.

The monthly meet will mirror Barrow’s group, which gather every second Monday of the month at the Vickers Sports Club - to unite and share their views, experiences and receive help.

Ralph Wilson, Furness Prostate Cancer Support Group secretary, said: “The meetings are for people who have recovered - or are still suffering - from the illness.”

Speaking about why the group want to create a monthly meet for the Millom area, Ralph stated it will make it easier for those who suffer from the illness and need support, and as a result, do not have to travel miles away.

He added: “We want to spread the message and get people talking to their fathers, uncles, brothers or friends - it’s important to talk even though it’s a frightening message to share.

“I survived from prostate cancer so I know how it scary it is, and I know people who are still suffering from it still.”

Statistics show one in eight men have or will have prostate cancer.

This figure drops to one in three if a close relative - for example, grandfather, father, uncle, brother - has or had prostate cancer.

Chances of prostate cancer also increase if a close female relative has or had breast cancer.

Ralph added: “The danger group is men over 40, who have had a male relative suffer from the illness.

“There is no vaccination against it - and it is something which develops faster in some men compared to others.

“We urge every male to have a PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test, not tomorrow - have it today.”

l If anyone from the Millom area wants any more information, or feels they can be of some help, please contact the Furness Group Secretary, Ralph, on telephone number 01229 869 694, or e-mail at ralph.wilson128@icloud.com or look the group up on its Facebook page.