A FORMER champion bodybuilder is keeping up his winning streak after his gym was crowned the best in the area by The Mail readers.

Keith Devlin’s Ironwerx Gym has a slogan ‘forging a new body’ and it has clearly forged a long and lasting impression on the area as it was crowned the best gym by Mail readers.

Based in James Freel Close, Barrow, the gym is owned and run by former champion bodybuilder Mr Devlin, who first opened it to the public back in October 2013 after his previous gym, Evolution Gym, outgrew its former premises.

Since opening, the demand for membership and use of the gym has exceeded all expectations, with people flocking there not just as an opportunity to get fit, but to also be a part of the friendly and inviting community that Mr Devlin has created.

Mr Devlin is a seasoned pro, offering some of the best expertise drawn from his many years’ experience in bodybuilding competitions.

He is five times winner of the over 45 Mr Cumbria, two times winner of the over 50 Mr Britain, two times fourth in Mr Universe and one time fourth in Mr World.

Mr Devlin said: “I trained a little when I was 14, but it wasn’t until I was 27 in 1979 that I got back into training. I trained at Furness Health Studio with Bill Hemsworth, who really gave me the inspiration to compete.

"Here at the gym we call ourselves the Ironwerx family and it is open to all to come and train.

“We are a really friendly gym and the space is so open and airy, which creates a really nice atmosphere for people.”

Kade Kendall, personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder, said: “I have trained here for many years and Keith has always been great.

"The gym’s success is down to Keith and you couldn’t get a nicer guy.

"He even goes out of his way to help you even if you have problems outside the gym.”

Firefighter Gary McDonald said: “I have a lot of respect for Keith and he sometimes feels like my life coach as he is always willing to support you with issues outside of the gym.

"The gym itself has the best training environment.”