CUSTOMERS packed into Barrow's newest vegan eaterie as it officially opened its doors.

Sweet Pepper Cafe, on Dalton Road, serves only plant-based foods and drinks from its menu, which contains meals inspired from across the world.

After a ‘rehearsal event’ on Thursday evening, yesterday was the cafe’s official opening.

It saw waves of customers come in for a bite to eat from the town centre.

Owner Mig Carbonell said: “We want to offer the public something completely new.

“Our menu is versatile, and we are forever developing it, serving items which no-one can get anywhere else in the country.”

Mr Carbonell said it had been exciting to see the positive interest from the public - adding the tofu katsu curry had been the best seller so far.

“We actually had someone come in for something to eat who ordered what he believed was chicken,” he added.

“He told us it was amazing and said he was shocked to discover it was completely vegan.”

Mr Carbonell stressed his cafe was not just for vegans and vegetarians and he wanted people who eat meat to try his food.

He said: “I feel as though we all know someone who is vegan nowadays, whether it’s a family member or a friend.

“We want to present to the public a friendly version of veganism, away from the protests and activism.

“I want to show people we can still provide their favourite foods, which are brimming with flavour and contain more protein - all without the need to kill animals.

“We’re here to stay because I feel we’re unique and can offer items which nowhere else offers in the UK. We’re constantly working on new products for our customers.

“And with summer around the corner I’m looking at creating a ‘shake season’ by offering milkshakes, including our ‘purple yam bubble shake’, which is new to the UK market.”