A TINY dog with a very big personality, “a real star in his home”, is how our first pet of the week is described by his doting owners.

Cooper, or Coopy as his mum and dad call him, is a one-year-old miniature dachshund who is about to celebrate his second birthday.

He lives in Barrow with owner Ella Marshall who says he is very mischievous and hates being left on his own.

Cooper may have little legs but he loves to go on big walks and makes everyone smile when he is out and about.

People all want to stroke him and say he is ‘adorable’.

This little one is a real charmer.

Despite his good looks, Charlie is now a senior Staffordshire bull terrier, but he is the centre of attention at his Barrow home, where he loves all children and other dogs.

Owner Lyndsey Cummings grew up with Staffies as her parents always had them and they were part of family life.

Lyndsey went to St Anne’s to get Charlie when he was just six weeks old and has never regretted it.

Now 10-years-old, Charlie enjoys sitting on the stairs at home and was a very easy dog to train, especially behaving himself at night (apart from the odd bark if a stranger comes to the door).

Lyndsey says when they are out for walks Charlie enjoys finding twigs to carry and then brings them back home.

Contrary to what many people think about Staffies, Charlie is just a lovely friendly dog who is very popular with all her nieces and nephews.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel Rosie is a much loved pet, now aged five.

She was especially chosen from an online site by her Barrow family and it is a decision that has proven to be a very good one.

Rosie is a quiet dog around her own kind and when she is the only one is very calm and peaceful.

She loves going on long walks around the Abbey woods and also the beaches.

She is another dog who is definitely part of the family but is not their first dog, as her young owner grew up with a Labrador.

“Gorgeous” is how her family finished when talking about her - and she got her name because she is a cute dog and they thought it was a cute name.

Bailey is a much loved chocolate Labrador owned by Shannon-Nicole Alexandra Smith and Danny Smillie.

He wins the hearts of everyone who meets him and is now almost 19 months old.

Bailey was spotted on a website when he was just four-weeks-old and the couple were able to take him home to Barrow four weeks later. He is very friendly, playful and loves walking and swimming.

Shannon-Nicole grew up with a Labrador and was keen to home another as an adult.