THE latest recipient of the The Mail’s Bouquet of the Week is a “lovely” man who has been praised for guiding children and families up a famous town monument.

Les Tallon is the monument keeper for Ulverston’s Hoad and has been nominated for the flowers by the founder of a charity.

Vicky Pennington-Pyne, of Alice’s Escapes, wanted to thank Les for the work he has done in taking families on tours of the Sir John Barrow Monument.

Vicky said she had been sent reams of fan mail from grateful children and wanted to honour Les for his work.

She said: “I want to make a special mention to Les because he is a wonderful man.

“You can see the effect he has on the parents and the children because we receive so many letters to say thank you to him.

“I just think he is one of those people who is absolutely 100 per cent genuine.

“He really is a lovely man. He always takes the children in his 4x4 up the Hoad and they love it.

“I don’t think we quite the level of thank you cards from people for anyone else and they are also so heartfelt.

“You can see how much people like him.

“He obviously leaves an impression."

Les is currently gearing up for the monument reopening its doors to the public for the summer season.

Good Friday will be the date when visitors and residents will ascend the 450ft Hoad Hill summit to get inside the 100ft grade two listed building.

Modelled on a lighthouse in Cornwall, it takes 112 steps in a twisting spiral staircase to get to the top and glimpse some of the best views in Furness.

Visitors will be able to take tours around the monument on Bank Holidays and every Sunday between 1pm and 5pm all the way up to the last week of October.

Alice’s Escapes provides holidays for seriously ill children and their families.

The charity was founded in 2012 by Vicky’s daughter Alice Pyne to enable every sick child to enjoy a holiday with their families.

She died in 2013 following a five-year cancer battle.

If you would like to nominate someone please send an email and your contact details to