An OAP who claimed she was haunted by a ghost which constantly flushed her loo says she is finally "free" - after spiritual healers used SKYPE to banish the ghoul.

Emily Sparks, 83, said she was haunted by a spirit called "Joyce" who died in her one-bedroom sheltered flat before she moved in seven years ago.

Ms Sparks said the spirit, who "leached" off her, stole her personal possessions, pulled her hair out while she slept and even left her with painful earache.

The OAP was so frightened by the paranormal antics that she was forced to spend two nights in a nearby Travelodge to escape the ghoul - but Joyce even followed her to the hotel.

The 'desperate' mother-of-four said finally got rid of the terrifying ghoul after contacting Glade Foundation, a spiritual healing and teaching institute based in Colchester, Essex.

Speaking of the ordeal, Ms Sparks said: "I contacted my friend and spirit messenger and I wrote to her to tell her all about it.

"She gave me the number for Ray at Glade Foundation who uses mind energy to contact the spirits.

"He said we don't have to come to you but I will ring you when she has gone.

"He rang me on 12th March and very gently he said she will be gone tomorrow.

"I was sceptical but I prayed that night and then he rang and said it's over now.

"At the Glade Foundation a group of enlightened minds all got to together on Skype and managed to tune in to her and convince her to go to the light.

"They brought her another spirit, a loved one, from the other side of life and conjured up an image of Southend beach because she was from Southend.

"They transported her to the beach at Southend using universal God energy.

"She saw her loved one on the beach and went through the vortex of life to the other side.

"Ray said Joyce is in a healing place and won't be allowed back."

The 83-year-old moved into the flat in Writtle, Essex in 2011 but said she was only visited by the phantom two years later.

The OAP found that a woman called Joyce had died in her flat just two years before she moved in.

Emily described Joyce as being about 5ft 3ins tall, and wearing a mustard-coloured cardigan and tweed skirt.

Ms Sparks said she is amazed that she got through this terrifying ordeal but said she will always remember the spirit.

She added: "My prayers got me through this.

"My sister said I don't know how you came through this - she said how on earth have you not had a nervous breakdown yet.

"She has left me with an ear injury - I will never forget her.

"She's gone now and I'm free - I have found my peace."