A PENSIONER has relived the moment a dangerous driver reversed into him on a dark country lane and left him with 'life-changing' injuries.

Harry Phizacklea, 82, was walking his dog Buddy in Dalton when he saw a car pass him at around 50mph on a late February night.

The dog-walker said he turned his torch into the road and onto his dog so the driver, Jordan Watson, could see where they were but the car passed them very close.

The victim then shined his torch at the rear of the car in an effort to let the driver know he had passed too close as there was no street lighting.

However, the car braked to a stop and the driver reversed and hit him.

Mr Phizacklea said he was hospitalised for 10 days and was on crutches for eight months after breaking his leg in five places.

Watson, of Marton, was handed a two-year driving ban and an eight-week night curfew when he appeared at Preston Crown Court.

The 26-year-old, who admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving following the incident on February 6 last year, exclusively told The Mail he '"sincerely apologised" for his "honest mistake".

Speaking from his home on Broughton Road, Dalton, Mr Phizacklea said: "A car came quickly around the corner and I flashed my light to warn him my dog and I were there.

“After nearly hitting us, he just reversed at a quick pace.

“He hit me and before I knew it I was on the ground.

“The dog’s lead fell from my hand and Buddy ran off. To be fair to Jordan he found my dog, who had a hi-vis jacket on, and gave him to my partner Jenny, who came after we contacted her.

“I was just happy my dog was not injured during the incident.”

Mr Phizacklea said Watson stayed with him until the ambulance arrived.

After being taken to hospital, the extent of his injuries to his right tibia, fibia and ankle were revealed. Treatment for the injuries included needing a 10-inch ‘nail’ inserting into his leg, as well as plates and screws.

In his police interview, Watson accepted he had stopped and reversed back up the road before colliding with the man.

He denied he had been angry prior to the collision.

Watson said: “I sincerely apologise for my actions which caused injuries to Mr Phizacklea.

“I reversed in poor conditions and with no visibility out of my rear window, which caused me to accidentally run over the bottom of his leg.

“I’ve always said my actions were careless and the incident could have been avoided, but it was completely accidental and unintentional.

“The judge was happy to accept this and I think it reflects fairly in my sentencing this was a sincere and honest mistake.

"I’m happy it is all over now and and me and Mr Phizacklea can put this behind us and move on with our life's accordingly."

He must also take an extended re-test to regain his licence and complete 180 hours of unpaid work.

Police constable Simon Smith said: “This incident has left the innocent victim with life-altering injuries which could have an impact on the rest of his life.

“It was clear from the investigation that he was driving dangerously when he put the car into reverse and started back towards the dog walker.

"His actions at the wheel were carried out on a dark country lane with no street lighting.

"While reversing, he stated he was also trying to put his passenger-side window down. He admitted in interview he could not properly see what was behind him as the rear window was misted up and the torch was shining at his car – yet did not think to stop reversing despite knowing the pedestrian and his dog were there.

“Hopefully this incident shows the serious consequences dangerous driving can have - both for the driver and the victim.”