MUSICAL entertainment drew in the crowds as a Barrow church celebrated a rather unusual anniversary in 1998.

Members of the congregation at the Abbey Road Baptist Church decided to host a weekend of events to mark its 133rd birthday.

The Mail, on October 6, noted: "One of the highlights of the weekend was Roger Jones' celebrated musical, the Torn Curtain, which was performed with members of the church choir and congregation.

"The musical was a huge success, enjoyed by more than 150 people.

"The weekend was a community celebration with a special parade on Sunday.

"More than 90 people attended the Sunday morning service with another 140 joining in the Praise Together held on Sunday night."

Clergyman, the Reverend Terry Hepworth, said the church had a busy schedule of activities every week, including Scouts, Cubs, worship evenings and men's and women's evenings.