SPRING is in the air and a new portal has opened for the region’s longest-established artists’ collective.

Members of the esteemed Green Door are heading to Grasmere Village for their first group exhibition of the year, following in the footsteps of many an illustrious artist who has down the decades had their magical creations hung from its revered walls. The exhibition will include a diverse and exhilarating range of 2D and 3D work from nigh on half of the group’s 110 members.

Lino prints from Sue Rowland celebrate the natural world, and British folklore and superstition from a time when we were more in tune with nature, the landscape and the weather. ‘My work explores pattern, texture and rich colours in intricate design layouts which entice you to look closer and to perhaps learn a quirky fact about the old folklore meanings that inspired each piece,” explained Sue.

As for Kath Lockhart, changing colours, atmosphere and light over the course of a season, or even a day, just outside her front door have provided her with inspiration for the work she's exhibiting. "My inspiration has come also from the many abandoned and disused barns around Dentdale and beyond."

Painter Anne MacKinnon’s studio at Sedbergh's Farfield Mill, is set among magnificent countryside with an endless source of inspiration on her doorsteps. She often works outside, experiencing the changing skies, weather and seasons.

Meanwhile, Steve Trevillion believes that collage can be a way of exploring the point at which the old has almost disappeared, but the new has yet to fully materialise.

Other GD exhibitors include umpteen well known names within the region's creative circles: Judith Horsley, Gordon Baddeley, David Pooley, Jamie Barnes, Delcia McNeil, Sally Bamber, Frances Winder, Ray Green, Jan Huntley Peace and Richard Light.

"Grasmere Village Hall is a new venue for Green Door - and an exciting one in the heart of the Lake District," said Green Door administrator, Janice Benson. We hope that visitors will make the most of the spring weather and enjoy some of the best contemporary work from artists practising in Cumbria today."

The exhibition runs from Tuesday, April 2 until Wednesday, April 10, open 10am until 4.30pm each day at Grasmere Village Hall, on Broadgate.

For further information go online at www.greendoor.org.uk for more details.