In response to a letter from Doris Jones, in the March 23 edition.

I would like to correct her on some common misguided views.

She comments that she’s from a generation who voted to join the EEC. The Government took us into the EEC in 1973 without a vote.

In 1975 we were then given a referendum on whether we would like to continue that membership once we knew the implications and 67 per cent voted to remain.

She goes on to claim, we want migration control but fails to realise we already have migration control.

Yes, EU Nationals have the right to live here under the freedom of movement act but we also have the right to remove them from the UK if they don’t get work within three months.

It’s also worth noting that we have total control over non EU migrants, yet we have more from the rest of the world than we do from Europe.

There has to be a reason for that and there is. Migrants contribute to our society and economy.

From HMRC figures, migrant net contribution (taking into account, benefits received) amounted to around £2.54bn in 2014.

We may have a lot of problems in the U.K. but the faults don’t lie with the EU and immigrants.

There’s a real hatred and division in this country that sadly, has manifested from the Brexit referendum.

Paul Griffiths, via email