My wife and I have just attended the opening of the Windermere Jetty Museum.

Wow! What an incredible museum.

This is a world-class exhibition of boats, steam and stories, right in our doorstep. It has a level of sophistication which is quite stunning.

There are over 40 vessels on display, the oldest one dating back to the eighteenth century. There are speedboats, yachts and even Beatrix Potter‘s tarn boat. I saw films of Windermere hosting wartime manoeuvres as well as attempts at the world speed record.

I believe I even saw a film of people ice skating on Windermere.

This museum is housed in iconic buildings which are worth a visit just to see the architecture. It is situated on the side of the lake, just off Rayrigg Road. It was raining when we visited, so I could only imagine the fantastic scenery visitors will enjoy on a sunny day.

Much of the funding has been derived from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. So if you play the lottery, you should certainly visit the museum to see how well some of the profits have been spent. (There were also many other sources of funds for the museum, including a contribution from SLDC.)

I think we all should be proud of this new museum in our district and I would encourage you to pay a visit with your family when the opportunity arises.

If you do decide to visit the museum in the summer, and have young children, I suggest you visit nearby Millerground, (also on Rayrigg Road).

Thanks to the initiative of the town council and in collaboration with district councillors, the Civic Society and local volunteers, this area is being totally upgraded to include a viewing area, a new destination play park and better walkways.

There is also the hope to be able to provide high class disability toilets in the area.

Both of these projects, Windermere Jetty and Millerground have taken a while to get to fruition. But both are great examples of how a few people can have a vision, and by enthusiasm and determination realise that vision. Well done to all involved.