A COUPLE have tied the knot after first meeting on Barrow’s former floating restaurant and nightclub.

Rigger Mark Johnson, 48 and Furness General Hospital nurse Belinda Judge, 51, tied the knot among their closest family and friends.

The couple first met on September 16, 2006 while they were in the queue for the Princess Selandia ship, which was then a popular Barrow restaurant and nightclub.

On the way in the couple just got to talking and Belinda new instantly Mark was for her.

Belinda said: “I just knew he was my type, he had a smiley face and blue eyes.”

Mark then went to find Belinda when inside and the couple shared their first dance together.

Belinda described how since then they have ‘pretty much been inseparable.’

Things moved on quickly and the couple were soon flying off to lovely destinations across the world, going first to Rome with Belinda’s two children Alice and Grace and then to Majorca.

Belinda also mentioned how fond of Mark both Alice and Grace are.

The couple got engaged on September 16 2017.

This time the couple were in Madeira, Portugal and after dropping a few hints Mark finally popped the question when they reached the ‘Lovers Cave’ of a beautiful botanical gardens.

Mark said: “I knew I wanted to ask her but I just didn’t know where the right place was and then as soon as I saw the Lovers Cave it was the ideal place and time to ask.”

Belinda said: “It was such a gorgeous and beautiful day and everything Mark did was lovely.

“I was really hoping that he would propose on my fiftieth birthday but this was perfect.”

The couple got married on May 19 2018 which many will remember as the same day that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married.

The couple had their ceremony at St Mary’s Church in Dalton and were joined by 40 guests.

They then had their reception at The Dunes Hotel with 100 guests in attendance.

Belinda said how ‘beautiful and glorious’ the sun was and both the couple mentioned how easily the day ‘flowed’ and how much everyone enjoyed themselves.

Belinda also said how there was a ‘feel-good factor’ throughout the whole day and how much they both enjoyed their time down on Roanhead Beach with their photographer Ashton Bowron.

The couple would like to thank everyone who attended on the day and for all their support throughout their relationship.

After the wedding the couple enjoyed a mini break to The Wild Boar hotel in Windermere.

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