A LOT of fun and often cheeky seems to be common traits of our pets and that includes English bull dog Mavis.

Now a year old, Mavis was only 14 weeks old when owners Danielle Sim and fiance' Garry found her on a pet web site and wanted her immediately.

She has proved to be full of fun but very stubborn and will only do the things she wants.

Originally from Birmingham, Mavis now calls Millom her home and she has ensured there is never a dull moment when she is around.

She loves people, especially kids, but she also likes her sleep.

Danielle and Garry decided on the name Mavis because it completely fitted her character.

Sticking with the boxer theme, meet Breeze, pictured aged nine-weeks-old, she is a boxer who chews absolutely everything, including loving owner Emma Thomas’ tax rebate.

Barrow's Emma loves dogs especially boxers and says Breeze is brilliant with children and loves her exercise and lots of it.

Willow is a 14-month-old cocker spaniel who is another off comer and from Dorset. She resides in Barrow with owner Joanne McGuire.

She is absolutely lovely says Joanne but completely crackers.

Willow never sits still for two minutes and enjoys jumping from one sofa to the next.

Joanne and her partner Mark Tranter describe her as adorable and they would not be without her in their lives.

This youngster also loves her toys and her cuddles.

Finally for this week is a very chilled out Gypsy who was snapped while snoozing.

She is five years old and a Jackapoo.

Owned by confirmed dog lover Phil Marshall, Gypsy was rescued from a Facebook site and has a wonderful life in Dalton.

She is patient, loveable and very importantly a therapy dog - as well as being a family pet.

Gypsy enjoys her down time though especially her walks and is quite adventurous.

Apparently, she is also a real flirt.