THE French president has announced that he feels the EU needs to look at itself with a view to reforms which would see Britain "find its true place" therein.

Are we to assume that Mr Macron credits 52% of the electorate with enough sense to not be influenced by adverts on the side of Boris's Big Bright Bus?

A bus which Mr Johnson believes makes him a creditable leader of his party and possibly the country!

Mr Macron makes a good point.

I'm from a generation which voted to join the EEC but voted against being in the EU - as it stands.

Not because we wish to stop buying Fiat 500s or Seat Ibizas, not because we want to stop the German tourists bagging all the deckchairs on our beaches and especially not to let our politicians prove to the world what an out of touch bundle of Bambies they are (You remember Bamby? A clumsy little deer which had no idea what it was doing).

No, we want migration control, here and throughout Europe, to prevent criminal gangs setting up wherever they wish, to ensure that Mrs Merkel's million migrants don't get passports which allow them free access to anywhere they wish to go.

I imagine the Macron Review - and let's remember that we are not the only member country with an element of dissatisfied voters - could easily find enough reforms to swing 3% of British voters away from Brexit in favour of Remain.

Doris Jones, via email