WELL it is official - the Mail’s people are definitely a group of pet lovers.

We know this because after asking our followers to send in pictures of their pets, we have been inundated with hundreds and we love them all. So this week we are going to introduce the first four much loved Mail Pets of the Week.

First up is the big beautiful Bear, a springador who is not yet two years old and has been part of Emily Pemberton’s family in Millom for a year.

Emily says he adores his tennis balls and taking long walks on the beach.

One thing the whole family has become used to, is the fact that one-year and ten-month old Bear never gets tired no matter how long he has been out and about.

Adopting Bear has been the best thing the family has ever done and he is always happy and gentle.

Millom will be the perfect home town for Bear with its beaches and acres of gorgeous green countryside for him to to explore with the family.

The beautiful Edwardian town of Grange is home to fox red Koda, a Labrador who at just six-months-old is a very lively boy.

He joined the Godbalds as their first family dog and has fitted in straight away, including joining in all the endless fun and games that come along with two boisterous children.

He will grow up with the children and is playing a great part in keeping everyone active and busy.

Koda loves chewing things but also loves his cuddles and attention he gets as part of the family.

When he is off the lead in a safe people and dog free place he loves running riot and is lots of fun.

Lewis Bear, of Askam, is five and a Bernese mountain dog, who has been part of Sarah Pearce’s family since he was a pup.

This breed of dog is from Switzerland and Lewis Bear completely represents the characters for which they are known to have.

He is a big soft gentle boy who is very needy and loves attention.

He never leaves the side of the family’s teenage daughter and Sarah says he is definitely loveable.

When they first took him on he was quite poorly and had to be put on special food for dogs with allergies, but thankfully is now in perfect health.

However his earlier problems mean he is actually small for his breed, but this has the benefit of being better on his limbs and Lewis Bear can run and run without a worry.

On the other end of the dog scale is little Tommy, a French bulldog and a real baby at 13 weeks old.

Owner, Barrow’s Stacey Muldoon-Smith, was completely sold on Tommy straight away on meeting him. She said he just stood out from the rest.

She loved his cheeky nature and she says he has proved to be both loveable but also naughtly.

Tommy, however, is really good in the house and is perfect in his toilet habits and come bedtime he is happy to go to sleep in his own space.

He was actually going to be called Reggie but both her partner and his mother said he looked so much like a Tommy that the name was shelved and Tommy it is.