A PETITION to build a bridge across Morecambe Bay and the Duddon Estuary has received almost 400 signatures in the first few days.

Cllr Alan Pemberton, launched the petition to gain support for his campaign to build a ‘tidal energy gateway’ bridge across Morecambe Bay.

Yesterday evening the petition had gathered 389 signatures.


A number of those in support of the campaign also stated their reasoning.

Donna Rogers, from Barrow, said: “A bridge is totally needed to ease congestion on our only A road in and out of the area, the accidents would reduce dramatically and make the A590 a safer road.

“Also it could have an impact on reducing the the carrier charges for companies and individual, we need the bridge.”

Sarah Milligan, from Ulverston, said a bridge over Morecambe Bay was ‘long overdue’.

She added: “With benefits to businesses, tourism and the environment, surely it’s a no-brainer.

“The A590 cannot continue to manage the amount of traffic it does, most days are a nightmare, with tourist traffic, lorries and constant roadworks.”

The support for the petition has pleased Cllr Pemberton, who said: “I am very pleased with the support up to now.

“I have seen plenty of good comments especially on social media.

“I hope to see the support continue.

“The more signatures we get, the more pressure we put on the politicians.

“I was also pleased to see the council show their support.”

While the campaign has been well received, some have questioned how the project would be funded, including Barrow MP John Woodcock.

But Mr Pemberton has said: “I believe the finance for the project would come from the private sector who would get a return on their investment from the sale of the electricity generated.

“This financing will only come after the government has shown its support by financing the pre-feasibility work which is estimated at £1.85 million plus VAT.”