A MAN from Barrow has been jailed after breaching his Criminal Behaviour Order (CRASBO).

Graham Parker, 55, of Low White Close, was convicted at court yesterday for a breach of his order that prohibited him from being drunk or consuming alcohol in a public place.

Parker was previously served with the order after officers received numerous complaints about his alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour The order was issued by South Cumbria Magistrates Court after being applied for Barrow police.

After breaching the order Parker received an eight-week custodial sentence.

Inspector Jim Bailey, of Barrow Police, said: “We have supported Mr Parker as best we can and he has been doing alright but when he drinks it is inevitable that he will then start causing issues within the community - whether that is around the town centre or other areas of Barrow.

“It is just the case that when he drinks he persistently causes problems and we have to put things in place, such as the Criminal Behaviour Order, to try to prevent them from reoccurring.

“He has had loads of opportunities and when he comes out the support will be there if he wants it.

“The help is there for individuals but part of that has to come from them to make that step.

“Organisations such as The Well offer fantastic support for people recovering from alcohol addiction from people who have actually experienced the same issues."

Inspector Bailey confirmed when Parker leaves prison his order will remain in place until February 2021.