SENTENCE is a new art exhibition that features paintings created from an ongoing letter-exchange between artist Alan O'Cain and an American-based British former investment banker who pleaded guilty to securities fraud in 2008 and is currently serving a 16-year prison sentence in a US jail.

The subject, an unnamed university graduate, family man, former art collector and high-flyer of the corporate banking world, now shares an environment with some of America’s most dangerous convicted criminals.

He has completed ten years and has no opportunity for parole before serving a minimum of 14 years.

Alan has vowed to create a painting for every year his subject remains incarcerated. Each work is based on a single pre-trial photograph of the subject with arm around his wife taken by a mutual friend.

Alan said that he had never met the man, but was drawn to the tragic power of his situation. "I am attempting to turn heartfelt written words and the bond of love between a husband and wife through adversity into imagery.

"The works are intended to be neutral in terms of political or moral opinion.

"I invite viewers to look upon the figures and the elements in these paintings and reach their own conclusions."

The Sentence exhibition, which runs until March 23 at Kendal's Brewery Arts Centre Sugar Store Gallery, also features a soundtrack specially created by Newcastle-based contemporary composer and cellist Mark Carroll.

All the sounds - apart from the spoken text, recited by artist Alan - were produced using a single cello.

For further details 01539-725133.