Louise Allonby goes ace with a meal at Ulverston Golf Club

During my thirties I took up golf and became a member of Ulverston Golf Club. For one brief, shining afternoon, I was quite good at it: swinging beautifully and hitting the balls cleanly over the practice ground.

The moment I took to the golf course proper, unfortunately, it all fell apart and I churned up the fairways like a rotovator. On my first outing I gave up at the ninth hole, no doubt to the groundsman’s relief.

Having forked out for my membership, I decided to get my money’s worth at the 19th hole - and spent many a happy Friday teatime propping up the bar with friends over an early doors noggin.

After a two-decade haitus, I returned to the golf club a couple of weeks ago to partake of the Friday Feast which has become very popular of late.

My husband Gordon (another former member of the club) and I went along with our friends Sarah and Barbara, to find the place packed with diners, many of whom I was pleased to see that I knew.

In fact, we had secured the last available table for that evening’s service, so popular is the Friday Feast proving.

And, having partaken, I can see why. Mains are all £7, with puddings £3 — and it’s stupendous value for money.

That evening there was supreme of chicken, battered haddock, a tower burger, mini seafood platter, lasagne or a mixed grill.

Gordon and Barbara chose the seafood platter, Sarah the tower burger and I went for the fish and chips. We were superbly looked after by bar manager Bev, who has an eye for detail and understands all about good service. Under her supervision the service throughout the evening was friendly and efficient, and despite the full sitting, there were no gaps or blips at all.

Sarah’s burger was a tottering tower of ingredients, living up to its name. The burger itself was nicely cooked, as was the good quality bacon, hash brown (a new one on me in the world of burgers) and mega onion rings. Chips and coleslaw completed this whopping dish.

My haddock was plump, white, juicy, tender and encased in crisp golden batter, with a char-grilled lemon, crisp and fluffy chips, mushy peas and a pot of tartare sauce. Everything a good fish and chips dish should be - and the best I’ve had while dining out in a very long while. I’ve long held the belief that if an establishment can’t get a staple like fish and chips right, chances are it can’t get much else right either. They’re getting it right here.

It was the “mini” seafood platter that turned out to be the wow factor star of the show, however. A long platter comprising smoked salmon, prawns, scampi, haddock, chips and salad, it was the evening’s most popular dish — and no wonder. Gordon and Barbara were seriously impressed; and we all agreed that for just £7 each the main courses were stunningly good value.

The golf club’s chef, Barney, came out to do a tour of the tables, which was a nice touch. He told us that along with the Friday Feast, the club is now serving afternoon teas as well as lunch, and if they are anything remotely as good as the evening fare, the customers will be delighted.

Golf clubs are increasingly open to non-members for food, and Ulverston is one such place. None of us four are members but we were made to feel very welcome indeed. On a March night there wasn’t much to see but in summer the views over this beautiful course are delightful, which is just one more reason to pay a visit.

Golf club bars are rarely known for their atmosphere and with the best will in the world I can’t say that Ulverston golf club oozes ambience, mainly because the lighting is just a bit too bright.

But the acoustics are great, the seats comfortable and the tables well spaced.

Puddings were chocolate fudge cake and profiteroles, which barely touched the side - yum.

We were practically the last to leave, having chatted to many other diners and having enjoyed our leisurely catch up over this excellent meal.

Superb food, value and serving. Everything at Ulverston Golf Club was well over par for our Friday Feast - if that isn’t the wrong golfing analogy.

Food 5

Value 5

Atmosphere 3

Service 5


Gorgeous setting

Great value

Non-members welcome


Friday evenings only and you’ll need to book