Does watching antiques and collectables programmes on TV inspire you to make your own small fortune from buying and selling? If antiques are a bit out of your budget though, and you're prepared to wait a while to see if your purchases grow in value, you may want to consider buying new - or new-ish - items now which could rise in price in the future.

Gumtree says that, when browsing online, "using keywords such as 'first/limited edition', and 'new and in the box', can boost your chances of finding the collectables of the future".

The website has teamed up with 21st century collectables expert Tracy Martin to produce some tips. "Statement pieces, or items typical of the era likely to evoke nostalgia in years to come, are often the safest bets," says Martin.

Here are her top tips for first-time collectors:

1. Buy into reputable brands. A designer name or well-known manufacturer will always stand the test of time.

2. Go for quality over quantity. Investing in quality pieces is a good start as these are more likely to increase in value.

3. Tap into nostalgia. Search for items which represent the era in which we're living. Memories play a big part in making something appealing, especially when it comes to toys and games.

4. Maintain mint condition as much as possible. Store possessions safely to avoid unnecessary damage. Keep original packaging - and ideally paperwork and receipts showing original price paid - as being able to prove provenance will only add value.

5. Buy it because you love it. This is my fundamental rule of thumb. Never buy an item if it's something that you cannot live with and gain enjoyment from. That way, if it increases in value, it's a bonus.