IT is the issue that continues to raise its head - and will do so until a solution is found.

Walney needs a second bridge.

There is a warning that Jubilee Bridge will not be fit for purpose in ten years and concerns a growing population on the island will put the 111-year-old bridge under too much strain.

For the thousands of people who live on the island, or those who visit to enjoy its scenery, another bridge would be most welcome.

Of course it is not something that would spring up over night.

Nor should it be.

Serious discussions must take place over where it would go, ecological concerns and where the money will be coming from because it won't be cheap.

Barrow’s Local Committee has agreed to team up with Barrow Borough Council and Cumbria County Council to see what progress can be made to get the Government to listen.

Carlisle has won £102 million from the Government for a northern relief road - surely Walney could see some cash too.

Jubilee Bridge, which dates back to Victorian times, has recently undergone necessary works that have made it safe to use for now.

But what will it be like in another 100 years?

We need to prepare now for the 22nd century.