BARROW AFC’s last minute winner against Aldershot sparked celebrations 300 miles away thanks to a hugely speculative accumulator. 

A group of football followers in Norwich had a vested interest in AFC’s result after betting on an accumulator and relying on a number of teams winning in order to win a big cash sum. 

With all bar one of their bets ending in the right result the group needed Barrow to win. 

With Barrow's game tied at one apiece and deep into injury time, then the awarding of a last minute penalty, the lads in Norwich are seen on a video on Twitter anxiously awaiting the outcome on their phones. 

As Wayne Rooney's younger brother John calmly slotted the penalty away their win was secured. 

As the ball crossed the line, securing their £1,000 win, the football supporters are unable to contain their excitement. 

The footy fans shared their celebrations on Twitter with this VIDEO