FANS of the popular TV show Salvage Hunters may have recognised two familiar Barrovians on the latest episode.

Barrow nightclub owners Rick and Jacky Lucas joined Drew and Tee on the latest episode of Salvage Hunters.

The popular TV programme sees Drew and Tee travelling around the country and beyond in hunt of weird and wonderful antiques.

On Wednesday's episode they were in Barrow rummaging through an old chapel where Mr and Mrs Lucas store a range of artefacts and antiques that were stripped from the Princess Selandia ship, which they bought back in 2004.

It was soon after transformed into a popular restaurant and nightclub with a capacity to hold 2,400 people and was a key part in boosting Barrow’s nightlife before it closed its doors in 2010.

In 2015 the Selandia left Barrow for Frederikshavn in Denmark, but much of the contents of the ship was kept in Barrow.

On the day there was plenty of items for Drew and Tee to look round.

The first item that Drew took a particular fancy to was a pair of luggage racks originally from the ship.

Drew said: “The main appeal of coming here today was the ships fittings.”

After he took a closer look he described them as being of “good quality” and of “good weight.”

“This is the sought of thing I can sell all day long for a very simple reason - they look great in a kitchen,” he said.

The two luggage racks described as having a “distinctive mid-century design” had an estimated price of £1,000.

After Mr Lucas asked Drew to place a bid he went straight in offering £300 to which Mr Lucas said: “Put your hand there son”, agreeing to the price.

First deal out of the way Drew quickly found more items he liked.

This time it was nine ice buckets used to keep champagne and bottles of wine cool.

Drew said he is always on the hunt for smaller items that people can easily take away from his shop based in Conwy, Wales.

After a cheeky bid of “tenner a pop” Mr Lucas and Drew were again quick to shake each others hand sealing a deal.

For Drew’s final purchase they then headed down into the basement of the old chapel where even more antiques and artefacts from the old ship were stored.

This time it was a ladies and gents cloakroom signs that stuck out.

The narrator said that these were previously salvaged from a 1920s cinema pre-dating the ship.

Drew was keen to point out the preferred quality of the ladies sign as oppose to the gents and how much this would affect the price.

He said if they were of the same quality it would be a “completely different scenario” and Drew always says “a pair of items is far more saleable.”

With an estimated price of £400, but with considerable amount of restoration cost Drew offered £75 for them both which Mr Lucas was happy to agree to.

All in all Drew said he was “really pleased” with his “odd haul” of antiques.

Both Mr and Mrs Lucas also seemed pleased with how the day went.

Mrs Lucas said at the end: “I just hope we can find good homes for the rest of the artefacts.”

To watch the episode go to Quest OD at: and select Series 13 Episode 10.