SHAKESPEARE’S epic tale of star crossed lovers has been sort of 'rubbished.’

Fear not though, it's only for comic effect.

Sporting a national reputation from Edinburgh Festival Fringe to collaborations with the Royal Shakespeare Company and national school tours the all-male, all-silly, the Rubbish Shakespeare Company present Romeo and Juliet, an hour of multi-roling, wigs, water, and floppy swords.

The comedy troupe want all to cheer as Romeo and his bearded beloved meet. Celebrate as they marry and reunite their warring families and guffaw as all the while the four highly-strung performers squabble, bicker and strive to have the last laugh.

Rubbish Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet is perfect, both as an introduction to Shakespeare or even the most ardent fan of the bard - from wide-eyed schoolboy to cultured Nan and everything in between. Billed as a 'true family show that really is Shakespeare For All,' Families Online claims "Rubbish is certainly not a word that will be uttered when the audience leave the theatre."

Hilarious, fun and energetic, the Rubbish Shakespeare Company takes the show to the Beggar's Theatre at Millom on Friday, March 15 (7pm).

With eight years’ experience performing hilarious and anarchic Shakespeare, the Rubbish Shakespeare Company has revive its raucous Romeo and Juliet for spring 2019, visiting venues from London to Liverpool, stopping at Millom along the way.

Rubbish Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet tells the world’s most famous love story in a novel and accessible way that appeals to all ages, but still importantly maintains the original language of Shakespeare. This is the classic tragedy of Romeo and Juliet as told by four highly-strung, bickering idiots, made for all ages. Full of slapstick humour and witty asides; sausage rolls fly, shoes become weaponised and even Prince William pops in for a dance, as all the while it builds to an action-packed finale that’s heavy on mess and may contain a bit of kissing.

Full of spontaneity and slapstick humour, artistic director Lee Hithersay says it's very important they can adapt the powerful message of a play like Romeo and Juliet for any audience. "We are constantly finding new ways to engage with our audience, whether that be throwing sausage rolls at one of our actors, Alex, or presenting the Montagues and Capulets’ rivalry.”

Hailing from the north west, and with the artistic support of the Everyman and Playhouse, the guys of Rubbish Shakespeare Company have broken into the professional touring theatre scene, while still keeping their roots in creative education very strong.

Box office 01229-775677.