Like many of you, I have watched the growing tensions between politicians on all sides of the political divide argue and debate their respective positions on the subject of Brexit.

We now see some MPs leaving their political party and forming an Independent Group.

I was elected as an Independent Elected Mayor.

I am often accused of leaning towards one side of the political spectrum or the other.

The truth is that I am Independent which will probably come as a disappointment to some.

I have long felt that there should be no place in local government for politics and now, having served for nearly four years, I am more convinced of that than ever.

Having inherited a truly dreadful financial situation when I took office, I can only say that politics had been no friend to Copeland.

I sincerely believe that Copeland residents elected me to deliver first-class services at an affordable price and, if that meant shaking up years and culture of a failing organisation, then so be it.

My mandate from residents was clear and I, along with my staff, strive every day to drive your council to be efficient, be value for money, to be positive, enthusiastic and, above, all put you — the taxpayer — first.

I make absolutely no apologies if that approach, which again I am often criticised for, is business-like, because that is the road we are travelling as long as I am your Elected Mayor!

I am concerned with the news that the Bradbury Centre, which is owned by Age UK, has been put up for sale and that provision for our elderly Millom residents is in jeopardy.

I am also concerned for the loyal Millom staff, most of whom have worked there for a number of years.

I have therefore decided to hold a meeting to which everyone is invited at 5.30pm on Wednesday, March 6 at Millom Network Centre.

I will be pleased to discuss any matters of concern that residents have and myself and my team will do our best to help.