BEFORE taking on an animal or animals it is important to know what their needs are to insure they will be happy and healthy.

For many people pets are part of their family and they want to give them a good life.

Animals have both physical and emotional needs and that includes small creatures such as rabbits.

It is important for them to be in the company of their own kind not living alone which is not something everyone realises.

Two pets who definitely need to spend the rest of their lives together are rabbits Bella and Tinkerbell.

Small animals such as rabbits can make just as loving family pets as cats, dogs and other bigger creatures.

Rabbits are just one of the latest breed of animals coming into the hands of charities in increasing numbers after being made homeless.

The problem has now reached the stage where charities and other caring people are having to set up schemes to highlight their plight in a bid to rehome them.

One such person is Mandy at Little Beasties in Ulverston who has rabbits Bella and Tinkerbell in her care.

Although Little Beasties is a pet shop, owner Mandy also has her own adoption scheme where she helps find permanent homes for in need creatures, including rabbits and far more exotic pets.

Although Bella and Tinkerbell were highlighted in the Mail several weeks ago, Mandy is still looking to find the right home for these two three-year-old rabbits who are a bonded pair and must go together.

They are English cross breed rabbits and are so close it would be wrong to separate them.

Bella and Tinkerbell would be best in a home with older children or if younger are present, they would need to understand that although the rabbits are friendly, they do not want to be cuddled for long periods or carried around.

They do enjoy attention, short cuddles and taking treats from the hand, but then Bella and Tinkerbell are happy to go and do their own thing.

It would also be good if they had a safe and completely secure garden to go into at times as well as a warm dry sheltered enclosure.

For further details or to arrange a visit to see the rabbits please call Many on 01229 582220 or email her at

Alternatively you will find Little Beasties at Unit 3, The Auction Mart, North Lonsdale, Ulverston, LA12 9AU.

Mandy is also very happy to advise people thinking of adopting a particular animal for the first time or who is looking to introduce a new rabbit to an established one - she can help ensure safe bonding.