I HAVE seen the news that seven Labour MPs and three Conservatives — at the time of writing — have left their parties due to a combination of the culture of anti-Semitism on one side and the chaotic Brexit presentation on the other.

I find myself in deep support for the views and sentiments of this group.

Our country is in chaos just when we need strong politicians — but sadly too many of them are showing their true colours and new we have this split.

There is no doubt that the ramifications of the breakaway group will be felt long after Brexit.

Make no mistake, this is a massive switch for politics in this country.

For my point of view, I am sick to the teeth of our politicians. This is a feeling that has built up over a number of years because they seem incapable of doing what they were elected to do.

In addition to that, there has been a climate of intimidation spreading through politics right from Westminster down to local authorities.

In short, it has been a right mucky old mess for quite some time.

The present local Labour Party election strategy is incoherent and incompetent. Fresh new ideas have been dismissed without discussion, even though many of them would be of great value to both the environment and prosperity of the most vulnerable of society.

And the Tories are just as bad.

In short we now have the need for good people to come, and hopefully that's just what will happen with the new party.

Dave Knight, via email