PEOPLE young and old gathered in Barrow Park to support a mental health charity in the area.

Caring volunteers dribbled a football around a three kilometre course through the park.

The 3km Kick event was organised by Dan Webber as part of the Kick Off 4 Mental Health campaign.

The campaign raises awareness of mental health amongst young people as well as raising money for Mind In Furness.

Participants paid £2 each and together they raised around £150 form the charity which will spend the money on projects in the community.

Mr Webber said: “The event was really about getting young people talking about mental health.

“The event has been running for three years now, the first year we raised money for Cancer Research, then last year we supported Alzheimer’s Society as part of Kick Off 4 Dementia.

“This year I wanted to support a local charity supporting mental health like Mind.

“I’m working with the people at Mind In Furness to target those young people transitioning between school, apprenticeships and college into employment.”

Cllr Bill McEwan, Mayor of Barrow, was there to support the event. He said: “It was a pleasure to be here and support everyone. Dan does a fantastic job putting this kind of thing together.

“It is great to see the children getting away from the TV and doing something active.

Both Mr Webber and Cllr McEwan emphasised the importance of getting young men talking about mental health, especially given the number of male deaths in the area linked mental health in recent months. Cllr McEwan said: “It is certainly worrying to see the statistics about the number of male suicides in the area as of late. Men sometimes feel the need to bottle things up but we must encourage them to open up.”