Barrow Police paid a special visit to Brisbane Park Infant School last Friday to talk about the role of the police and how to keep yourself safe within the community.

A Barrow police officer, community support officer, special constable, dog handler and police dog all attended Brisbane Park School to give a specialized talk on how the police is involved in the community.

The visit comes in response to the school's PSHE week in which pupils studied a range of topics from multiculturalism to road safety.

Assistant Head, Mrs Alison Ripley, spoke of the children's delight to the police department's special visit.

She said: "The children were so well behaved and were really keen to find out more about what the police do.

"They all asked lots of questions and were particularly interested in the police dog.

Barrow Police brought along their police dog whose role includes duties such as: tracking criminal suspects or missing persons.

Mrs Ripley said: "The police officers all explained the purpose of the dog and why they were necessary within the force.

"The children were all interested in what the dog's purpose was and how they helped the officers carry out their important work."

Some of the pupils also tried on the officer's reflective jackets and the necessity of a police uniform.

Mrs Ripley added: "The children absolutely loved the day.

"The officers taught them important lessons such as stranger danger, road safety and the role of the police within the community.

"The officers were absolutely brilliant and made sure to include the children."