THERE is a new girl in town and she is earning quite the reputation for herself.

Trudy is a feisty little cat who needs owners who will understand that side of her and be able to appreciate her personality.

She is in the hands of the local branch of the RSPCA and her carers do love her and say, despite the attitude, Trudy does like people and enjoys attention. It is just that she will give you a bat with her paw when she has had enough.

Visits to the doctor are never fun and it is the same for most animals, although vets often seem to have the better bedside manner.

Animals coming into the hands of rehoming charities receive full medical check ups as soon as possible even if they appear to be healthy.

The RSPCA cats featured recently, Maurice, Boots, Mouse and Jeremy, have now all had full medicals and their essential vaccinations started.

Maurice was picked up in Grange and seems to have been a stray for some time.

He came into the charity's hands after he started to terrorise the other neighbourhood cats and so needed to be moved on for his sake as well as the other animals.

He is a young ginger and white moggy.

Also in the charity's care is Boots, a ten-year-old black and white girl, who sadly had to be signed over to the RSPCA following the recommendation of a hospital consultant who considered it was the family cat who was causing a child's illness.

Mouse has come into care after a lady in Ulverston who had been keeping an eye on the stray for months, felt that she was looking unwell.

This kind woman took Mouse along to the South Lakes vets who estimate that the youngster is aged between 12 to 18 months old and was suffering from a flea allergy.

An animal suffering from this condition is nothing new for vets to deal with and through their good care it has now been successfully dealt with, but her coat is still very thin and patchy.

However, with time this black and brown cat should end up with a normal healthy coat of fur.

Jeremy, a young black and white boy, was dropped off with two other cats who have already been reserved by a lady and again were strays.

Anyone wanting to meet any of the cats or needs more details, can contact the Furness and Barrow branch of the RSPCA either by dropping its Church Street, Barrow, branch or by calling 01229 824583.