Lee Henry, 52, from Ulverston said: "I think that car parks in Barrow should be free.

"In Ulverston, they're only 20p an hour and in Dalton most of them are free, so why should Barrow be any different?

"I don't think it's right that they don't give change either, people end up losing a lot of money because they haven't come with the correct amount of money.

"I rarely come to Barrow but when I do I notice that the car parks round here are considerably more expensive than the ones in Ulverston and Dalton.

"The council should introduce a change system or a card machine so that you can pay the exact amount and don't lose out on any of your money.

It doesn't seem fair so many people are losing out on money because the machines don't give out the correct change."

Bill Dawson, 77, from Barrow agrees that the system is unfair.

He said: "I am disabled so usually have a disabled badge so parking isn't normally an issue.

"But when my wife comes by herself she has to use the parking facilities and often mentions how expensive the parking is and how they don't give an option of change.

"This doesn't seem right in my opinion, especially because the neighbouring towns are so much cheaper.

"People are getting ripped off by this.

"If the price for parking is £3 and you only have a £2 coin, you end up losing out on a £1."

Muriel Dawson, 76, from Barrow said: "I've started getting the bus because parking is so expensive.

"The bus drops me off right outside the shops I need to go to so it doesn't make much different coming in the car.

"The meters should give change. The cost of living is high enough without having to think about things like parking,

"It's a necessity for a lot of people so it should be free."