A MOTHER said her son’s car could have been wrecked after scaffolding fell from a house in high winds.

Roofing work on houses in Ullswater Close in Dalton is being carried out by Barrow Council contractors.

Amid high winds the scaffolding structure collapsed into the garden in front of the house overnight between Friday and Saturday.

One resident said it would not have happened if parking bollards had not been installed in the close last year.

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Jo Scowcroft, 44, said: “It was shocking.

“My son’s car was so close to the scaffolding.

“It was lucky that nothing was damaged and no-one was hurt.

Miss Scowcroft said bollards installed last summer had led to an “awful” parking situation for residents and blamed them on the scaffolding collapse.

She said: “The workers wouldn’t have need so much scaffolding if there was better access to a skip.

“The bollards got in the way.

“It has been awful since the bollards were put in.

“It has been a nightmare for delivery drivers and other workers.

“It is so hard to manoeuvre your car around there.

“More houses will be having their roofs done and I’m worried about it costing me a lot more when I want to get mine done because of the lack of access.

“All the residents objected to the bollards and everything we thought was going to happen because of them has happened.”

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Miss Scowcroft led other residents in sending a petition to the council against installing the bollards between May and August last year.

The council installed the bollards to stop drivers turning their cars on the grass verge in the narrow close or parking on the land. Councillor Bill McEwan, mayor of Barrow said: “We will sort this out.

“It was good that no-one was injured.”

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Council housing chiefs said the bollards were installed to stop cars destroying grass in the area. Residents had asked for the grass to be paved over as an alternative to the bollards but the council said the resources were not there.