PEOPLE in Dalton are concerned over the uncertain future of the town’s main car park.

Business owners and residents alike are worried about the potential of a new paid system within Broughton Street’s Tudor Square car park.

Since the council’s lease of the car park expired in May 2016, the council has made numerous offers to purchase the privately owned space to no avail.

Councillors have now agreed that the council withdraws from all involvement from the car park amid fears it could be held liable in the event of an accident.

This has led to concern over the possibility of the car park introducing a paid system or shutting down altogether.

Aydin Savaldi, manager of Express Market, expressed his profound concern over the car park’s uncertain future.

He said: “If you remove the car park or introduce payments, it will massively affect the small businesses around the carpark.

“Myself and my staff can’t afford to pay parking for nine hours a day, it would be completely wrong if that happens. Dalton is a quiet town which needs more people coming in not leaving.”

Jacqui Priss, landlady of the Golden Ball Inn, agrees the installation of a paid metre will impact on the community.

She said: “The car park is used a lot by the locals, there’s very rarely any spaces available.

“It’s mainly used for residential parking because Dalton has very little on street parking.

“So I imagine a paid system would impact the residents using it more than anyone.

“If it becomes paid it would have a great impact on the community, especially the businesses.”

Members of the Dalton community feel equally as concerned over the car park.

One shop worker said: “It would cause a lot of problem if it went. It’s the only place to park your car in town.

“The whole town would be up in arms if it went. Broughton Road is busy as it is, if there were more cars it would become almost impossible to park on that road.”