PUPILS and villagers alike came together to celebrate the 200th birthday of Victorian poet and author John Ruskin.

Coniston Institute and Ruskin Museum orchestrated a day of creative activities aimed to educate pupils on the importance of the acclaimed artist’s life.

John Ruskin School alongside Coniston Primary School enjoyed the day of celebrating.

Both schools also got involved in the service of celebrations at St Andrews Church.

School children and the community choir joined together to sing John Rutter’s ‘Look at the World’. This was followed by a birthday tea which was hosted by Coniston Institute.

Helen Glaister, marketing and education development officer at The Ruskin Museum, said: “I think John Ruskin would have approved and thoroughly enjoyed today’s village celebrations.

“We remembered him with pride.

"We’ve had a great day which everyone involved will remember.”

Rachel Taylor, headteacher of Coniston Primary School, said: “The older children in the school have been working with staff from the museum to produce some poems inspired by nature.

"They read the poems at the afternoon service.

“The children are very proud of their local heritage. They know he was an important person not just for Coniston but for the world. They are keen to be involved in anything which celebrates local heritage.”

Peter Blackburn, headteacher of John Ruskin School in Coniston, said: “We’ve been focussing a lot on John Ruskin as it comes to the bicentenary. We’ve been looking at his quotes and sayings and applying them to the vision of the school.

“John Ruskin’s message of valuing the natural world is still very relevant today.”