A SEVEN-year-old girl from Barrow received an extra special haircut as part of her pledge to help others.

Lily Beddoes had been intent on donating her hair to the children’s cancer charity, Little Princess Trust, ever since she saw a little girl give away her locks online.

Since then, Lily has been imploring her mother, Natalie Beddoes, to allow her to do the same.

Mrs Beddoes said: “She saw a video of a little girl getting her hair cut for charity and ever since has been intent on getting involved herself.

“We’ve been trying to put it off as we didn’t think she was old enough to understand but she persisted and now understands all the reasons behind it.”

She added: “She’s been so excited about getting it cut, she’s been constantly talking about it and telling everyone what she’s raising money for.”

The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs free to children suffering with cancer.

The charity receives no formal funding, relying solely on the efforts of community fundraisers like Lily.

Lily set herself a modest fundraising target of £100 before the charity chop.

However, she surpassed that goal by four times, amassing an incredible total of £415 from supportive friends and family.

Her grandmother, Christine Wood, said: “People have been so keen to get involved, everyone’s been chipping in.

“Parents from school, teachers, some of my colleagues, everyone’s heard about this and wanted to chip in whatever they could.”

Lily’s family are confident her fundraising days are not over, expecting more charitable donations to come.

Mrs Beddoes said: “Lily has such a kind and caring nature, I can see her doing more things for charity because she loves helping people so much.”

Lily said her main intention behind the haircut was to help those less fortunate than herself.

“I wanted to give other people my hair because I think that they need it more than me.”

If you would like to make a donation visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/natalie-beddoes1.