A BARROW woman was involved in a “three-on-one” broad daylight attack in front of shocked onlookers.

Details of violence which flared on June 22 were outlined at Carlisle Crown Court as two of the three perpetrators were sentenced by a judge.

Prosecutor Jane Dagnall said victim Andrew Hearn was formerly the landlord of Stuart Wear. “There was an issue about some property Mr Hearn believed Mr Wear had taken,” said Ms Dagnall.

While at Gooseholme park in Kendal, he decided to confront his ex-tenant - who was with two women, Angela Rodgers, 38, and 46-year-old Lisa Gill - in the park.

“It was unfortunate because it seems Mr Wear, Miss Gill and Miss Rodgers were all under the influence of something, be it drink or drugs,” said Ms Dagnall.

An “ugly confrontation” developed and the women joined in.

“There were punches, kicks, he was pulled to the ground. Somebody tried to bite him on the ear,” said Ms Dagnall. “It was three on one. Other people had to intervene to assist Mr Hearn.”

The three attackers fled, although threats were made to towards the victim “as to what might happen to him in the future”.

In a victim impact statement, Mr Hearn spoke of suffering from anxiety and pain after the attack.

Gill and Rodgers were arrested nearby and heavily-convicted Wear was arrested later that evening. All later admitted common assault.

Serving prisoner Wear, whose address was given as HMP Preston, was handed a three-month consecutive jail term.

Rodgers, of Egerton Court, Barrow, received a community order comprising rehabilitation.

“Although this was serious offending, I have read your background,” Judge Adkin told Rodgers. “You are a woman with a number of personal problems. I don’t propose to add to them by sending you to prison for a short period of time.”

Of the incident, Judge Adkin said: “Members of the public were watching, and will have been appalled and will have been appalled by the prospect of you beating this man on the ground.”

Gill, of Kirklands, Kendal, is due to be sentenced later this month.