A COUPLE who met online tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in their home town.

Craig Muncaster, who works at Irv’s VW Restorations and university student Dionne Macmillan, married on December 14 at the Abbey House Hotel and Gardens, Barrow.

The lovebirds from Barrow first met online on Match.com on June 25 2015.

Craig was first to message Dionne and after talking for a few months the couple eventually met up for their first date.

Dionne said how it was the things they have in common that helped to bring the couple together.

She said: “We are both quite quiet and in many ways we have very similar principles.

“We also both have four children from previous relationships, so we could easily relate to one another.”

For their first date they got a train to Lancaster and enjoyed a romantic meal and a few drinks when they got there.

Dionne said the date went well and how much she enjoyed just talking on the train together.

Craig, 33, then proposed on September 2017 when they went on holiday in Tenerife.

Dionne said it was all very romantic as he proposed at the very end of a large stone jetty stretching out to the sea at dusk.

Dionne said how “shocked” she was and how all of her family knew he was going to do it.

Upon their return to the UK many members of her family were waiting to congratulate them with balloons and banners.

The couple decided to get married on December 14 at the Abbey House Hotel and Gardens in Barrow.

Dionne said that preparations for the day went really well.

She also said how she enjoyed getting crafty for the day making the centrepieces, invitations and gifts for the guests.

The centrepieces were glass bottles with small lights inside surrounded by beautiful flowers and pine cones.

Guests were also treated with key bottle openers with lovely quotes attached to them and a small box of chocolates.

On the day they had an intimate celebration with 70 guests attending the ceremony with another 30 joining in the evening.

For food, guests enjoyed a three-course meal and in the evening there was also pulled pork sandwiches on offer.

As part of the celebrations all the guests also headed outside with sparklers into the beautiful grounds of the Abbey House.

Dionne said how lovely the day went and how she would also like to thank everyone who came to make their day so special.

For the couples honeymoon they headed back to Tenerife for a romantic 10 day break.

All images done by Rebecca Elizabeth Smith

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