SUNDAY morning and wedding days are synonymous with the sound of church bells and hidden away in the tower is a dedicated band of ringers.

Back in 1992 The Mail put the spotlight on the ringing team at St Mary's Parish Church, Dalton.

The ringers were led by bell captain Stan Walmsley, who was taught the ropes as a child by his father.

Equally experienced was 78-year-old Jack Bagnall who had started bell ringing in 1933.

The Mail, on January 21, noted: "The ringers turn out every Sunday morning at 9.30am for the morning service."

The set of 10 bells at Dalton had been in use since 1927.

The ringers were getting ready to ring a special peal for the 40th anniversary in February 1992 of the accession of Queen Elizabeth to the throne.