THE latest recipient of The Mail’s Bouquet of the Week is a “kind” and “helpful” woman who has been nominated by a friend.

Debbie Rennie has been picked out for the flowers by her friend Louise Deakin, both from Barrow.

Louise said Debbie had helped her “every day” since the pair became friends two years ago.

She said Debbie had been a particular help in driving her places because she herself doesn’t drive.

Nominating Debbie for the bouquet, Louise said: “Debbie practically does everything for me, she’s great.

“I just want to show my appreciation to her for her help.

“She’s just one of them people you need in your life.

“Everyone needs a Debbie.”

Louise said her friend was always on hand to help her, including taking her youngest son to school - even after she had worked the previous night.

“She’ll do anything for me.

“If I ask her she does it,” Louise said.

“She does something for me every day.

“She picks the kids up from school even when she’s been working the night before.

“Debbie will help anybody out, but she helps me out.

“She just likes to do it because she is that type of person.

“She does a lot for me.

“She helps when I’m busy, she’s a big help to me and I really appreciate it.”

Louise also said Debbie’s husband Jack Wilson was just as nice as his wife.

“Her and her husband are just fantastic.

“Both of them are great.

“He’s the manager of my son’s football team and he is the same as his wife - he will always help out.”

Louise paid tribute to Debbie’s nature, saying she was “kind, never bossy or moody, takes anything and she’s easy-going.”

If you know a special person or group who you think deserves to receive The Mail’s Bouquet of the Week then please send in your nominations.

You can do this by contacting reporter Dan Taylor by email on or by calling The Mail’s newsdesk on 01229 840150.

Teachers, community champions, dedicated groups and charity heroes are just some of the many deserving recipients of the flowers this so far this year.

If you know someone to add to the list in 2019, then please send in details of the person you are nominating along with your contact number.

The flowers are provided by the wonderful team at Ellie’s Designer Florist at Hill Foot Garden Centre, County Road, Ulverston.