How profound it is, to learn that money has been found to plough into deprived areas that voted 'Leave' in the Referendum. Will we be rewarded in the North West out of recognition, or is it just a dream of a scheme?

How ironic it is, at the eleventh hour that a rescue package is resourced to alleviate the desperation of those MPs who were duped into believing that the coffers were empty. How sad it is, that MPs discovering that a money tree does in fact exist, are having to toe that red line and be defined by their support of a deal they know little about, such is the clout that Theresa May is inflicting upon them. And for what? Keeping face that a Deal is better than No Deal. Democracy at its worst, if at all.

I had wondered, a month since, what Theresa May would pull out of her bucket in order to convince the country she is negotiating concessions in our best interests. There is doubt, I thought then, that if the drums of imminent doom are banged loud enough, the weakest among our MPs out of fear of the unknown, could panic and change their minds.

And now we have it. What is a vote worth in Westminster, a pound of flesh? Fortunately around the country May has been unable to woo Labour voters to support an exit deal when the contents of which have been held so close to her chest, that any honourable member would never want to be defined by any other reason than they would vote for in a General election.

Investing and investing in industries which are the life blood of our communities. Our wealth is measured by our workforce, the lads and lasses educated to make a difference.

This last minute money tree is tantamount to an Act of Atonement. However it doesn't alleviate the scars which run deep in our communities, we only have to look at a generation long gone to understand the need for survival, it shouldn't have to be bribed for, when its already been worked for.

Eileen Weir, via email