ROMANTIC and McDonald’s would not normally be included in the same sentence, however last year the two words became linked on Valentine’s Day.

The fast food chain’s eateries in Newcastle and the Metrocentre offered the chance to spend the evening eating a Big Mac or chicken nuggets with your significant other.

The competition went viral and three lucky couples won the chance to eat in the restaurant on the most romantic night of the year.

The Mail asked University of Cumbria students what they thought of the idea - and whether they’d be pleased with a date to McDonald’s.

Nikki Hughes, 25, who is studying adult nursing, said:”It’s ok, it’s not the healthiest but I go once in a blue moon. It’s a terrible idea having Valentines Day there though.”

Abigail Studholme, 19, said: “I think it’s a bit ridiculous, personally I wouldn’t go but some would like it.”

Grace Iceton, 20, said: “I wouldn’t go I think if you were going to go out on Valentine’s Day for food you would go somewhere a bit nicer rather than somewhere like Mcdonalds. “I would think it was more of joke rather than being serious.”

Gemma Mottley, 37, thinks the idea it could have a place. She said: “It’s not somewhere I would go for Valentine’s Day its somewhere you would take the kids, I think it has a place maybe with teenagers.”

Monica Thondhlana said: “I think it would be good for those people who can’t afford to go and have a big meal, for example people who are on benifit but still want to celebrate. £20 is not to expensive.”

Nursing student Barbara Calloee, 51, said: “I think McDonald’s is something I associate taking my kids to really so, I suppose if you had small kids you could take them.”

The family restaurant that held the evening is a franchise but a spokesperson at Mcdonalds said:”This is not something that the company would do and franchisee are advised not to do this.”

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