A MAN aiming to walk 3,500 miles across the coast of England and Wales has raised almost £50,000 for Cancer Research UK.

Charity campaigner, Laurence Carter, is undertaking an incredible cross-country hike in memory of his "wonderful wife" and mother of his three children, who died of cervical cancer at the age of 53.

Mr Carter is approximately half-way through his year-long challenge, passing through Barrow yesterday. So far he has raised a total of £50,000.

He is working with Cancer Research UK to highlight the importance of cervical screening and HPV vaccinations, aiming to raise £200,000 to fund research into why such a large percentage of women fail to attend smear tests.

Mr Carter said: “I started the challenge in June in Brighton last year. After my wife Melitta died in 2015, I wanted to do something to honour her memory and suddenly I got this idea.

“ I decided to walk 10 miles a day, staying in Air Bnb’s on route and raise some money to fund behavioural research into cancer smears.

“I’m raising money to discover new techniques to make going for smear tests easier, may that be through text reminders or urging men to remind their loved ones to go along.”

During his Barrow visit, Mr Carter visited Walney Nature Reserve where he visited the seals, otters and other sea animals.

He said: “I had a fantastic time on Walney Island for the past two days.

“I’ve met so many different characters on route, I could write a book on the whole experience.”